About Us

About Us

Nearby Property Exchange is an online property exchange where buyers, sellers and brokers/agents can exchange information about real estate properties very quickly, effectively and inexpensively. At Nearby property exchange online portal www.npex.in you can post your property for sale or rent, search for a property purchase or rent, browse through properties, & compare properties and keep yourself updated with real estate news & trends.

NPEX deals with every aspect of the consumers’ needs in the property-like locality, preferred area, legal agreement, area trend, budget, return on investment, nearby public facilities, others factors.


Why Nearby Property Exchange (NPEX)

We appoint Relationship Manager for your property to help you Save Time and Money.
Relationship manager handles all enquirers on call and Filter Qualified Buyers for you and you are FREE FROM BOGUS CALLER.
Relationship Manager of NPEX forwards you only buyers, meeting your requirements.

You get buyers Quick and Effectively at a fractional cost.

We also provide –

  • Complete detail of boy’s hostel, Girl’s hostel, PG for Boys, PG for Girls, or separate house/flat/apartment on rent.
  • Find perfect spaces for un-married couple in co-living.
  • Providing you the largest number of listing options in your preferred area to choose from.
  • Covered all types of properties whether residential, agriculture, business set-up, offices, commercial, hostel and PG.
  • Option to provide detailed information of various properties available for sale or rent.
  • Option to upload 360 degree photos & video to provide complete overview of properties.
  • Provide detailed information of property for investment purpose.
  • Provide properties at reasonable price within your time slot whether it is rental or purchase of property.

We will help you to find your perfect space in every palace.


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